An extensive Exempt Medicinal Products supply and procurement service

At United Drug Elements we offer a swift and efficient service for supplying and sourcing Exempt medicines and pharmaceutical supplies not normally available through regular pharmaceutical distribution channels. We operate in line with IMB Regulations and HSE reimbursement. Begin by Registering or calling us on (01) 463 2300.


How do I register?

Click on the Login/Register button above & follow the steps to complete your once off registration. We will send you you’re confidential login details and you can order straight away.

What does Elements offer?

With Elements online you can place orders, browse our extensive catalogue, check stock availability, search by ingredients and request a new product procurement. You can also view your invoices, statements and online order history at the click of a button.

I have a question?

If you have any queries regarding the online registration or ordering process you can contact us on 01 463 2300 or by email: